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The universal configurable printing machine for industrial and functional screen printing process

The Risto is produced exclusively client-specific and for industrial serial production. He is used for multilayered and functional printing in organic and printed electronics as for printing in hybrid technology which is a mix between printed and traditional electronics.

It is possible for it to print single substrates as well as complete modules. Furthermore printing processes as Hole-filling, Micro Gap Printing and client-specific solutions are feasible.

Risto at a glance

-configurable client-specifically

-serial productions in 24-hour operations

-variable transport systems; reel to reel, foils, rigid und flexible substrate(sheet), glass carrier

-Stack-Printing, Multiple Print, Hole-filling, Micro Gap Printing and client-specific solutions

-Single substrates and complete modules printable

-Manual and motoric z-height adjustment in a 1µm area

-Printed parameters which were developed on the Nino machine can be transfered completely to the Risto (Upscaling Process)

Highest client-specificity in the construction

The Risto distinguishs itself in its extreme stability, but at the same time in its flexibility for client-specific adjustment possibilities.

It isequipped with an extremely stable tabular frame construction which can be constructed in various variations. The stable mechanism and the double doors make the printing area accessible from its four sides.

The Risto can be constructed  without capsule and capsuled what makes printing as well possible in inert gas or vacuum. Even the loading and unloading process and the substrate return is covered possible.

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