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Coruna Printed Electronics is a high-tech company that focuses exclusively on the development and manufacture of high precision screen printing systems, as well as drying and cuting ovens for organic electronics, organic photovoltaics and display printing (glass and plastic printing).
Coruna Printed Electronics claims that it will continue to push forward and take precision printing machines and the corresponding drying systems into a new dimension of high-precision screen printing.
The product range extends to printing systems with resolutions in the single-digit µm range, and special UV, IR or convection dryers with complete encapsulation or complete inert gas flooding. Here we confine ourselves to single systems and small production lines in the development and laboratory sectors, where we offer very universal machines for a wide application base.

The management of Coruna Printed Electronics has several years of experience in the field of high precision screen printing, reaching areas under a feature size of 15μm and structure heights of up to 60μm. These requirements are specifically made by organic electronics in relation to higher electric currents, but can not be realized by most printing processes because the structure heights can not be created.
With our developed technique in screen printing, multilayer circuit structures in the finest resolutions, either side by side or one above the other, can be realized with little effort. Thus, one is able to print any number of layers on top of each other in a single-digit μm range (stacking or 3D structures).
Screen printing technology, especially in relation to the print height of structures, offers unbeatable advantages over other technologies. Thus structure heights can be produced, which in comparison to other technologies are 3 to 5 times higher. It is these requirements which are the basis for new products in organic electronics.
We are already able to print structures with a distance/width of 15μm. We are of the opinion that this is only the beginning and we have the potential to offer far more.

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