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Pico 23
We start screen printing at the point where everybody stops
Pico 23
An innovative concept -
​A complete modular percision system 

For a long time in screen printing, a feature size of 50µm was the limit that could be produced. The challenge for us was to show that with the latest machine technology, the appropriate pastes and appropriate equipment; it was indeed possible to print smaller features. With the Pico 23 we have created the technology to make this happen.

With the Pico 23 and screen printing we can produce structural widths and spacing of 15μm. A unique feature is the fact that compared to other precision printing processes, screen printing can produce higher precision structures. Structure heights of 60 microns or more are easily possible. Formable structures in multiple print or stacking procedures are our strength and show in which high precision category the Pico 23 belongs.

The advantages of the Pico 23

- Print accuracy down to a single digit micron range

- Print on Print, Multiple Print, Micro Gap Printing, Stacking, 3D printing
- Short preparation time due to the interchangeable high-precision shuttle
- Processing on any kind of materials from films to 3-D materials
- Modular design of all components
- A variety of screen sizes, up to a maximum of 23 "
- Complete encapsulation, inert gas flooding, air-conditioning
- Integrated cleanroom cell with substrate and material flowbox

- Upgradeable modular concepts - making later expansion possible
- Complete control of the process via media streaming
- Various screen printing processes

Modular Construction
The Pico 23 is fully modular. This has several important advantages:
The printer can be transformed, upgraded or even converted from a shuttle machine to an inline machine at any time. A print head, shuttle, camera, encapsulation, air conditioning or inert gas flooding can all be added at a later date.

Various Screen Printing Processes
Print on Print or Multiple Print processes place high demands on the machine base. High precision is required at every machine level in order to print multiple lines or structures in layers which sre perfectly aligned.
Wet-Dry, Wet-Wet and Micro Gap Printing are just some of the printing processes, which the Pico 23 is capable of.

We look forward to work with you.

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