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High precision Stack Printing and simple operation
The Nino was designed as a manual printing machine, thus it specializes small and fast prints with a 180x180mm printing area, but It's possibilities are much larger.

The Nino includes highly precise adjusting opportunities in an one-digit µm area, prints structure width to 30µm and masters perfectly height controlled printing, Micro Gap Printing and especially Stacking. The Nino is the cheap alternative for professional Stack Printing, what is usually only possible with larger and more expensive printing machines.

Even prints which have to be printed in an sheltered atmosphere, could be realised without any problems. A glove box protect the printing process from influences, thus it realises as well prints, which have to be produced in inert gas, such as nitrogen, argon or vacuum.

It is designed to change as well screens and squeegees pollution free with the material lock. Everything could always be served by one hand.

High flexibility in construction

client-specific adjustment and fast conversion are no problem for the Nino. It has a completely modular construction, like each of our machines.

As well he possess a movable printing head which completely unblockes the substrate to change or register it. At the same time, the change of the screens is very easy. Its vacuum table which is movable in different axes completes the perfection of the printing machine.

The Nino is obtainable as a stand-alone printer or as Nino GB in a glove box.

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