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Design and Layout for printed electronics

Individual design for printed electronics

Do you have a product idea of a printed electronic, but you do not know how to realise it?

The realisation of printed and functional electronics mostly is not easy. Often, there is a large gap between idea and the completed product. Materials are not available as a printing paste or they are completely different in its electric values of pure materials, like for example the using of copper in traditional electronics.

We would be happy to advise you with the possibilities of printed electronics, dispel doubts or bring you new starting points. We work out feasibility studies, carry out tests and thus we develop an individual design and layout of prefered layers.

The are not any limits from the simple design to highly complex, copy-protected integral construction in hybrid technology.

We do not offer basis developments, that's what universities and institutes are doing.

Our team comes from the electronic industry, the semiconductor development, production of printed circuit boards as well as electronic design, layout development and the following feeding technology. We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experiences to our costumers.


Take our individual advice.

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